Buckwheat Hull

It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra

Buckwheat Hull - It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra


Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat Hulls in 2lb bag


Buckwheat Hulls

Domestically Grown, Pillow Ready
Available in 2 lb, 10 lb or 18 lb sizes


Buckwheat Seeds (also called Kernels)

Buckwheat Seeds or Kernels



Whole Buckwheat Seeds

as seen on Martha Stewart Living
Available in 2 lb or 10 lb sizes




Welcome to Cary, North Carolina, the new home of BuckwheatHull.com!  We are now a proud part of Life Experiences

Life Experiences, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates a variety of small businesses for adults with developmental disabilities. Through education, training, and the free enterprise system, Life Experiences offers fulfilling employment for these individuals, allowing them to function as independent, productive citizens of our community. At the same time, valuable services and products are also provided.

The newest enterprise to operate under Life Experiences is BuckwheatHull.com, an online business specializing in hypo-allergenic Buckwheat hulls and Buckwheat seeds for use in products such as pillows, cushions, and heating pads.

Jackie Holcombe, Founder Buckwheathull.com

Jackie Holcombe, Founder

The idea was the brainchild of Morrisville, North Carolina (former) Mayor Jackie Holcombe, who founded BuckwheatHull.com to create an employment opportunity for her daughter, Lindsay, born with Down Syndrome. Jackie’s hope from the start was to build an organization to help her daughter and other special-needs individuals to lead fulfilling, productive lives. Jackie’s efforts, along with Lindsay’s excellent work habits and a feature on the Martha Stewart Show combined to result in great success for BuckwheatHull.com. Now as a component of the Life Experiences family of businesses, many more developmentally disabled individuals will benefit from this unique enterprise.



  • Jackie Sandhu says:


    I’m interested in some bulk pricing but I can not locate a company email. Please provide.

    With thanks,

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello Jackie, We can be reached at info@buckwheathull.com. Or you can call Monday-Friday, 7:30-4 at 919.467.1973.
      Thank you for your interest.

  • Julia Morrison says:

    Am I missing something? All of the choices for shipping are more expensive than my order. Looking forward to your reply.
    Sincerely, Julie

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Good morning Julia. Please give me a call here at 919.467.1973. We use either USPS, UPS or FedEx. If you are ordering only a 2# it may be less expensive to ship to your address via USPS. Unfortunately, prices for shipping have increased drastically over the last 2 years. Thank you for your interest. Lynn

  • Jenniffer Brightman says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I just put in my order for a 10lb bag of buckwheat hulls but my invoice says Buckwheat seeds. Order #16500. Can you please make sure to send me buckwheat hulls because I am using these to make pillows. Thank you!

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Good morning Jenniffer. I will adjust the order and make certain that we send hulls. Thank you for letting us know.

  • Hannah Griebel says:

    I placed an order on July 3rd. My payment has been accepted, but my order has not yet been shipped, nor have I been contacted regarding shipment. When can I expect to receive the product?

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Good morning Hannah. Our buckwheat operations were closed the week of July 4th. Your order will ship today. I will email you the tracking information once the shipping label is printed. Thank you. Lynn