The LE Buckwheat business has been closed since mid-March due to the Pandemic. No Buckwheat orders are currently being filled.

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What is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a flowering plant cultivated for its hull-like seeds.  This nutrient rich seed has many health benefits and is also gluten-free.


Buckwheat Hulls are the outside part of the seeds produced by the buckwheat plant, Polygonum Fagopyrum. After harvesting, the hulls are separated from the seeds and become Buckwheat Hulls. Although hulls should not be heated in the microwave, they can be used as stuffing in lumbar supports, pillows, and meditation cushions.


Buckwheat Seeds, commonly called berries, are the un-separated hull. Buckwheat seeds can be safely heated in the microwave when they are used as filling in homemade heating pads, neck and eye pillows, and hand warmers.

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What a great organization!  They really help people with dignity and respect.  I'm proud to know some of the people involved.

Susan Pruskin

I love this program and the buckwheat I have ordered is great for pillows.  Thank you!

Linda Vanderveen

Job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.  Wonderful people - Life Experiences is a must see.

Melissa Shay Willimason


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