Buckwheat Hull

It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra

Buckwheat Hull - It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding Buckwheat Hulls, Buckwheat Seeds and how to use our website that you may find useful.

  • Q: Can I microwave Buckwheat Hulls?
    • A: Buckwheat hulls should NOT be heated in a microwave. They do not conduct or retain heat. Flashpoint for hulls is 187 degrees. For making heatable items, we recommend using whole buckwheat seeds.
  • Q: About how many cups are in 1 lb of Buckwheat Hulls?
    • A:Our research indicates that 1 lb of Buckwheat Hulls is approximately:
      • 200 Cubic Inches
      • 13.8 Dry Cups
      • 2.9 Dry Quarts
      • 0.75 Dry Gallons
  • Q: What are your discount rates?
    • A: Must place all bulk orders over the phone to receive discount.  (919) 467-1973
    • 100+ pounds buckwheat hulls – price drops to $1.75 per pound.
    • 50+ pounds buckwheat seeds – price drops to $1.99 per pound.
  • Q: Why does the link in the email sent to me when my order changes not work?
    • A: The email link tries to take you to the “Orders Details” page in “Your Account.” The problem is you must be logged in to see this page. We suggest you login and then click the link in the email.
  • Q: Why is my shopping cart empty or different after I login?
    • A: When you login our system may find an older shopping cart that may have something in it or is empty. We suggest that returning customers login and then proceed to place items into your shopping cart.
  • Q: May I pick up my order?
    • A: Orders may be picked up at our facility during 9am-4pm on Monday thru Friday at 260 Towerview Ct., Cary, NC 27513. Please call prior to showing up to make sure your order is ready or that we can fill your order. (919) 467-1973.
  • Q: What are the shipping options?
    • A: Shipping options are FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We charge the customer exactly what the carrier charges us to ship. NO handling fees added on.
  • Q: Do you ship to Canada?
    • A: Hulls but NOT seeds can be shipped to Canada. Shipping rates are significant.
  • Q: Why is my only shipping method FedEx Ground?
    • A: FedEx Ground may be your only shipping option if the total weight of your order is 70 lbs or more. You could break your order into 2 or more orders to keep the weight under 70 lbs. Regardless, we will break the order into boxes weighing less than 70 lbs and use the least expensive form of shipping available. We may need to adjust the shipping costs on some orders. If you have questions when placing a large order, please email or call us to discuss your requirements.
  • Q: What is the difference between FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery?
    • A: FedEx Ground does not deliver in some residential areas and also does not deliver on Saturdays. FedEx Home Delivery will deliver on Saturday in most areas and in some areas even on Sundays.
  • Q: How much is needed to make one of Martha’s homemade heating pads?
    • A: About 3.5 pounds of whole seeds. Do NOT use Buckwheat Hulls in a microwave.
  • Q: How big is a 2 lb bag of whole seeds?
    • A: About 6 full cups.
  • Q: How much is needed for a standard pillow?
    • A: Buckwheat hulls are used in pillows that aren’t going to be heated. Firmness of a pillow is open to interpretation, but as a general rule, 6-10 pounds is a good start. A zipper sewn into the pillow is helpful for getting the firmness just right for the pillow user.
  • Q: What about a small Zafu?
    • A: Figure 4-5 pounds of buckwheat hulls for a supportive sitting surface
  • Q: What about a twin mattress?
    • A: Figure 120 pounds of buckwheat hulls
  • Q: What about a neck roll pillow (travel pillow)?
    • A: Figure 2 pounds of buckwheat hulls
  • Q: How big is a 2 pound bag of hulls?
    • A: Two pounds of hulls occupy about 2 US gallons.
  • Q: What about freezing hulls?
    • A: Freezing buckwheat hulls is fine; in fact, cooled buckwheat hulls are very refreshing.
  • Q: Are your buckwheat hulls organic?
    • A: The short answer is they are not certified organic. Buckwheat is a hardy crop that does not require chemical help to thrive. Our hulls are grown without chemical treatments. However the land they are grown on does not necessarily have an organic certification.
  • Q: How soon after an order is placed is it shipped?
    • A: In most cases, we ship within two business days of receiving payment Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.
  • adam bassett says:

    Hi, my wife and I are interested in purchasing buckwheat seeds for heating pads. Are your buckwheat seeds any different from the organic ones sold for planting? Just wondering if you do any processing to make them more usable for pillows. Thanks! Adam

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello Adam. The buckwheat seeds that we sell for using in heating pads are viable…they will sprout in the right conditions (soil, light, water) so I believe they are the same as what would be sold for planting. Please call me at 919.467.1973, Monday-Friday 8-4 EST, if you have any additional concerns. Thank you. Lynn

  • Buckwheat1 says:

    Good morning Roxie,
    It was nice speaking with you yesterday. Your package will ship this afternoon to the changed address. Hope the use of the hulls provides some relief.

  • Lu Sun says:

    I would like to ask a few questions,I hope you do not mind .
    Is buckwheat hulls in stock?
    Are these produced this year?

    Thank you !

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello. We do always have hulls in stock. Hulls and seeds available now were grown during the 2013 growing season.
      Thanks for your interest.

  • Charmaine says:


    I’m not really certain how this posting works – can you send me an email that I can reply to as I have some queries regarding shipping costs?

    Thank you!

    My email address is understooded@gmail.com

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      I will contact you via email. Thank you.

  • ALLISON LONG says:

    Got my order today SUPER FAST delivery and very impressed with the product and packaging. Although shipping was $16 the box was HEAVY, based on prior shipping experience this company does not overcharge for it’s shipping at all, just image they charge actual cost of shipping plus they supply their own shipping materials and labor costs. I plan on sewing up some pillows tomorrow to share with my friends addled with migraines. Depending on how they come out I just maybe back to order more. 😀

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Thanks, Allison! Glad to hear someone confirm the fact that we don’t overcharge for shipping. We use the actual charges processed by either the USPS, FedEx or UPS. Hope the pillows help your friends. I’ve used one for the past year and headaches have drastically decreased.

  • Lynne Pollino says:

    I am making a 28″ round pillow that is 3″ high. About how much buckwheat hull will I need to fill it?

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello Lynne,
      I would suggest ordering between 12-18lbs. of buckwheat hulls. The higher amount would guarantee a firmer pillow.

  • Jimmy Boh says:


    How much is the shipping to singapore for 3pkt of 18lb buckwheat hulls??

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Please email the complete shipping address and I will send you the shipping quote.
      Thank you .

  • moen says:

    Do you make delivery for Singapore? I need to make to zafu cushion, diameter 13″, height 6.5″. How much buckwheat hull do I need to purchase? What is the price? How long it takes to reach Singapore?

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello. If you send me a complete mailing address in Singapore I will be able to investigate shipping options, fees and time frame for
      delivery. Most customers have indicated that they use approximately 5-8 lbs. to fill a zafu.
      Thanks for your interest. Lynn

  • stephanie miller says:

    I would like to make 2 body pillows approximately 50 inches in length–do you know how much I would need? Thank you.

  • Gail West says:

    I’d like a price for 100 and 250 + shipping to northern ca for buckwheat hulls.

  • certifiedcoffey says:

    Where and by whom is the product grown? Is the pre cleaned?

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Thanks for contacting us. We get our hulls from a company in North Dakota. They are already cleaned when we get them. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      • certifiedcoffey says:

        Thanks. I like to buy American made products and that is getting harder to do these days. I will be ordering soon!

  • beaub757 says:

    I ordered 2 lbs of buckwheat huls on Jan 19th and I still havent received them….
    When will they be shipped- I thought they went out right away.
    Sharon Ballentine

    • Admin says:

      Hello Sharon,
      Without making excuses for our oversight, please accept our sincere apology for not processing your order. It appears your order came in through the old website just as the new website was coming online. Jackie did forward the order to us at Life Experiences; however it was misplaced and never filled. You should have received your refund by now as you requested.
      We are working hard to ensure no order will ever be overlooked again. We hope you will give us another opportunity to work with you in the future.

      Bill D.

  • van nguyen says:

    Thanks for your response. I need your help.
    Since I don’t know how to pay 2 additional dollars by paypal without an additional purchase. Could you please instead I pay 2 more dollars. Please take out product from any bag an amount equal to 2 dollars. Then ship the balace product to me. I really appreciate your help.
    Please let me know when the shipment will be made?

  • van nguyen says:

    Hi .
    I purchased 2 bags of 10lbs each of buckwheat hull. Now can I change the order to 1 bag of 10lbs as buckwheat hull and other bag as buckwheat seed .I am willing to pay for the price different
    Please response to me assp.
    Thanks for your help

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      That is not a problem. If you will just pay $2 more on paypal we will adjust the order. Thank you for your business and please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns!