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About Us


The Buckwheat Hull website began as a small operation by former Morrisville, NC Mayor, Jackie Holcombe.  Jackie created the enterprise for her daughter with Down Syndrome, Lindsay, as a means to create an employment opportunity.  Jackie's goal was to build a company that would allow her daughter as well as other special-needs adults to grow and prosper in the workforce.

BuckwheatHull.com is now owned and operated by Life Experiences, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides work for adults with disabilities. Employees gain the self-esteem and independence of performing job duties while earning a fair wage.  In addition to the Buckwheat fulfillment, Life Experiences' Businesses also include:

  • Laundry Services
  • Shredding Services
  • Sub-Contracting Services 


BuckwheatHull.com is proud to have been recognized by Triangle Media for creating an employment opportunity to help special-needs individuals to lead productive lives, while providing a unique consumer product.

We invite you to read and link to the articles below and also view the “Bucks for Buckwheat” video a local television station produced about us (please excuse the low quality). We’re delighted to have built an organization that offers more than just a bag of buckwheat hulls or seeds. And we’re thrilled to have Life Experiences expanding employment opportunities to many more developmentally disabled adults.