The LE Buckwheat business has been closed since mid-March due to the Pandemic. No Buckwheat orders are currently being filled.


Q: Can I microwave Buckwheat Hulls?

A: Buckwheat hulls should NOT be heated in a microwave. They do not conduct or retain heat. Flashpoint for hulls is 187 degrees. For making heatable items, we recommend using whole buckwheat seeds.

Q: About how many cups are in 1 lb of Buckwheat Hulls?

A: Our research indicates that 1 lb of Buckwheat Hulls is approximately:

  • 200 Cubic Inches
  • 13.8 Dry Cups
  • 2.9 Dry Quarts
  • 0.75 Dry Gallons

Q: What are your discount rates?

A: You must place all bulk orders over the phone in order to receive the discount.  (919) 467-1973

  • 100+ pounds buckwheat hulls – price drops to $1.75 per pound
  • 50+ pounds buckwheat seeds – price drops to $1.99 per pound

Q: May I pick up my order?

A: Orders may be picked up at our facility during 9am-4pm on Monday thru Friday at 260 Towerview Ct., Cary, NC 27513. Please call prior to showing up to make sure your order is ready or that we can fill your order. (919) 467-1973.

Q: What are the shipping options?

A: Shipping options are FedEx, UPS, or USPS. We charge the customer exactly what the carrier charges us to ship. NO handling fees added on.

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: We do not ship to Canada.


Q: How much is needed to make one of Martha’s homemade heating pads?

A: About 3.5 pounds of whole seeds

Do NOT use Buckwheat Hulls in a microwave.

Q: How big is a 2 lb bag of whole seeds?

A: About 6 full cups.

Q: How many hulls are needed for a standard pillow?

A: Buckwheat hulls are used in pillows that aren’t going to be heated. Firmness of a pillow is open to interpretation, but as a general rule, 6-10 pounds is a good start. A zipper sewn into the pillow is helpful for getting the firmness just right for the pillow user.

Q: How many hulls are needed for a small Zafu?

A: You will need 4-5 pounds of buckwheat hulls for a supportive sitting surface

Q: How many hulls are needed for a twin mattress?

A: You will need 120 pounds of buckwheat hulls

Q: How many hulls are needed for a neck roll pillow (travel pillow)?

A: You will need 2 pounds of buckwheat hulls

Q: How big is a 2 pound bag of hulls?

A: Two pounds of hulls occupies about 2 US gallons.

Q: Can you freeze buckwheat hulls?

A: Freezing buckwheat hulls is fine; in fact, cooled buckwheat hulls are very refreshing.

Q: Are your buckwheat hulls organic?

A: The short answer is they are not certified organic. Buckwheat is a hardy crop that does not require chemical help to thrive. Our hulls are grown without chemical treatments. However the land they are grown on does not necessarily have an organic certification.

Q: How soon after an order is placed is it shipped?

A: In most cases, we ship within two business days of receiving your order, excluding holidays.

Q: Does NC charge tax on shipping?

A: Yes, NC does charge tax on orders that will be shipped to North Carolina.  For more information about this tax please visit: North Carolina Sales Tax Info