The LE Buckwheat business has been closed since mid-March due to the Pandemic. No Buckwheat orders are currently being filled.

Buckwheat Hulls
Buckwheat Hulls

Buckwheat Hulls

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Buckwheat Hulls are the outside part of the seeds produced by the buckwheat plant, Polygonum Fagopyrum. After harvesting, the hulls are separated from the seeds and become Buckwheat Hulls.

  • Domestically Grown
  • Gravity-Cleaned
  • Air-Vacuumed
  • Pillow ready

Our hulls are ready for use in items such as:

  • Computer Wrist Supports
  • Eye Pillows
  • Lumbar Supports
  • Meditation/Yoga Mats
  • Neck Rolls
  • Pillows/Cushions
  • Travel Pillows
  • Zabuton Meditation Cushions
  • Zafu Meditation Cushions

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WARNING: Buckwheat hulls should not be used in microwavable items!