Buckwheat Hull

It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra

Buckwheat Hull - It's Lagniappe (lan-yap) – Something extra
  • Noelle Heiberger says:

    I would really like to see a less expensive shipping option. I order these items and donate everything i make for a Church ministry to help cancer patients. Please consider using UPS or some other means of shipping because this is quite an added expense. I used to be a beauty consultant and somehow no matter what the boxes weighed (or how many) the shipping was under $10 Total, and still is today! I’m hoping you can negotiate a lesser rate because it affects the amount one can order from you.

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Hello Noelle.
      We do offer shipping via UPS and USPS, as well as FedEx. Typically, FedEx is the least expensive option when shipping out of state. We are located in NC. Because we do not ship in high quantities we have been unable to negotiate any different rates than what the carriers offer to any business. We would love to be able to offer lower shipping fees as it has cut into our customer base. We appreciate customers that continue to support our business and will always do what we can to offer the best cost. The price we charge for the hulls and seeds has not changed since we began providing them on the website over 5 years ago. Thank you for your interest. Lynn

  • Stephanie McCane says:

    Hi. I’m just wondering when my order will ship. I ordered on the 1st which I understand you were probably closed, but it’s now the 4th and still no shipping update. I really need this order ASAP, thank you! Steph

    • Buckwheat1 says:

      Good morning Stephanie. Our facility has been closed due to extreme weather. Your order will ship out today and I will send the tracking information as soon as shipping labels are printed. My apologies for any inconvenience. Lynn